Timeshare Resale Review: TimeshareLuxury.com

Lately it seems like everyone is trying to sell their timeshare. Whether it’s because of the current poor state of the economy or just that people are looking for a change, it’s an awfully competitive sales market out there. That’s why the Timeshare Resale Review series was established—to help you figure out which of the many resale sites out there can best help you have the competitive edge when it comes to selling your timeshare. In this entry, we’ll take a look at http://www.timeshareluxury.com.

User Interface

Compared to many of the other timeshare resale sites out there, TimeshareLuxury.com has a modern, sleek appearance. There’s only one main menu, and all of the copy on the site is concise and to the point. However, there seems to be an overall dearth of information, and it’s difficult to get a real beat on what the site is really all about.  The home page states that TimeshareLuxury.com is here to help you sell your timeshare or cash out through their Direct Buy program. However, when you check out their Recent Transactions page, all of the transactions seem to be through their Direct Buy program, wherein TimeshareLuxury.com purchases your timeshare directly from you, often at loss to you. If your main concern is just getting rid of your timeshare, and you’ve had a bad time trying to sell it otherwise, this might not be such a bad thing. However, if you’re looking to at least attempt to sell it for full or close to full value, this could feel like a cop out to you. Additionally, not all timeshares will even qualify for the Direct Buy program, so you may just be wasting your time here (though at least the consultation is free). In order to get your free consultation, you just fill in you information on the home page of the site.

There’s no buyer section of the site, so it’s difficult to figure out how TimeshareLuxury.com helps people resell their timeshares. There is a portion of the site for Invited Guests, but you’ll have to call the company to get access to it. That’s another hurdle for users, which could cause a lot of people to give up on using the site.

Customer Service

As far as customer service goes, there are two ways to contact the company through the website. You can call the clearly visible phone number at the top of the page, or you can submit your information in the Free Consultation form on the homepage. There is an FAQs page on the site to help answer common questions, but they all seem geared toward people who want to use the Direct Buy program. That’s about it, really. Compared to many of the other sites covered in this review series, the emphasis on customer services seems to be pretty minimal.


The site’s Credentials page boasts of TimeshareLuxury.com’s in-house legal department, their secured merchant and escrow services, and the fact that they’re a member in Good Standing with the Online Business Bureau. The company lists their Florida Real Estate Broker number, since they are a licensed real estate brokerage. They also make a point to mention that all closing and transfer will be handled though a bonded, licensed, underwritten and fully-insured Escrow and Title Agency. There’s also a Testimonials portion of the site with three positive reviews. TimeshareLuxury.com is also a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member under the company name V.I. Network, Inc., with an A+ rating (the highest possible rating on a scale where F is the lowest possible rating). They have had six complaints closed with the BBB within the last three years, including four advertising/sales issues and two problems with product or service. Timeshare Luxury is listed as one of V.I. Network’s multiple alternate business names on BBB, including seven other timeshare company names like Give Away Timeshare, DVC Timeshare, and more. 

Overall Rating

TimeshareLuxury.com receives a total of two out of five stars. Though the company has a good Better Business Bureau rating, the site is uninformative and somewhat confusing. Even though they reference that they’re willing to help you through the resale process, almost all of the site’s emphasis is on their Direct Buy program. With no listings access on the site, it seems far less useful than many of the other sites that have been covered in this review series.